Monday, April 11, 2011

Z axis Initial design

I sat down for a few hours and reviewed my drawings for the Z (vertical) axis and decided to beef it up since I want this to be a quasi-gantry mill. ( ie, capable of medium duty milling ) I decided to do away with the original guides and get some square NSK's. I am trying hard to maintain a +- .005" tolerance and I figured they would make it easier.

Note the salvaged metal being used. I know it looks tacky, but it is free and believe it or not was machined flat/square and in some cases ground before being powder coated..

Note the guides have been oriented in two planes instead of the usual single plane so they can reduce deflection in two axis.. That is 3/8" channel and angle being used!

Pinewood derby races are this week so I probably won't post until next.

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